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Prior Health Care

Prior Health Care established in 2012

Prior Health Care is a knowledge centric organization with unparalleled quality of service, reliability and customizability. Prior Health Care offers business value to over 150+ healthcare clients by combining operational excellence with deep domain expertise.

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Prior Health Care foundation is built strong with Integrity as base. We believe that success comes with highest level of responsibility and trust

Result Oriented

We focus on essential goals with clear priorities and the ability to resolve problems to achieve the expected results


We always work to maintain transparent environment that helps the employees grow faster in all professional aspects


Prior Health Care embrace a culture that tomorrow is always more challenging that today, and take necessary steps to develop our team to meet the requirement.

Client Satisfaction

Everything that we do serves this purpose directly or indirectly. We set milestones for achievements only based on client satisfaction.


Billing Services

Services we offer: Credentialing and Provider Enrollment, Eligibility and Verification, Charge Entry & Charge Audit, Claims Filing, Electronic Payment Posting, Manual Payment Posting, Denial Posting, Denial Management, Account Receivables Management, Claim Dispute.

Prior Health Care
Dental Billing Services

Dental billing is a niche process that requires more customization and understanding of the core business functionality. Outsourcing your dental billing to experts helps you save time as well as improve the number of approved claims. Using right codes, accurate narrative reports and filing up medical forms will help to get paid on time

Prior Health Care
Billing Analytics

What We Do: A 360- degree receivable analysis solution, Continuous monitor on ERA payers and enroll new payers into ERA, 50+ User defined aging reports, Systematic comparison of Billed Vs Collected, Track the high paid and low paid codes, Cash flow analysis, Helps improve collection, practice engagement, and reduce cost, Monitor daily Production, Collection and gap analysis.

Prior Health Care

Credentialing, the crucial part of RCM that enables provider to be eligible for getting paid for the services rendered and also aids patient to utilize the insurance coverage. It is important for each physician to be enrolled and credentialed with maximum payers that will eventually increase the number of patients visit them.

Prior Health Care


a Client from Maryland

Prior Health Care is an amazing billing management company. We rely on them for everything. Anytime we ask for a claim update or reason for denial, a quick responds is immediately provided. We have worked with the company for years now and will never change. They provide all the services we need to make sure we are maximizing our billing.

-Owner, US Medical Billing Company

Just wanted to let you know that your team has really been going a great job with the AR lists. Their questions have all been great, the timeliness in getting through each list has been great, and each list is getting done very thoroughly!

-Owner,a West Coast Medical Billing Company

"My medical billing company was established in 1997 and still growing strongly. It was getting more difficult to find competent, affordable staff members in our area, so we reached out to Prior Health Care for assistance. Obviously, it’s natural to be skeptical about services that are provided off-shore, but choosing Prior Health Care has been one of the best business decisions I have made. The training took limited amounts of time and they have proven to truly know medical billing practices in every aspect. Our wire transfers to Prior Health Care have been received successfully with no interference, which was originally a concern. I would highly recommend Prior Health Care to assist in any office with multiple billing and collection functions..."

- VP,CA based medical billing company

"I found your website through a google search. It has now been over a year and your service is excellent. I just wanted to praise you for providing such fine quality of service and restoring my faith in your service that I depend on daily. If all continues to go as superbly as now, you will have a very satisfied customer for life! Thank you."

- Owner,East Coast based billing company

"Selecting Prior Health Care was one of the excellent business decisions we have made. We have saved a great deal of money by outsourcing our medical billing processes to you. We have full confidence in your integrity, competence and work ethic. Prior Health Care has drastically reduced our A/R days by a greater extent apart from increasing our collection significantly by 30%. You have done an outstanding job and we are very pleased with the results. We look forward to moving things forward..."

-Jason Barnes, COO of a billing company in NJ

"Gentlemen, I am performing my review of our BPOs and I saw that you were performing more than just one duty for us. You are one of the only firms that we rely on to perform "outside of the box" and when I look at the results, I have to say THANK YOU. Our partnership is growing continually and with good reason. Thank you for growing with us and rolling with the punches as we attempt to cross bridges and overcome hurdles together. Thank you for your understanding and diligence, it sets you apart. In light of this and outside of our normal logic that we employ to determine which BPO will receive the next, I would like to allocate the next 5 full service contracts to your organization. Also, I look forward to working with you for years to come."

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